GreenTech Laboratory

Shanghai GreenTech Laboratory has two institutions: physical and chemical laboratory, bio-testing and efficacy laboratory. It has CNAS, CMA and GLP/GEP qualifications of the Ministry of Agriculture. It is a member of China Pesticide Standardization Committee. GreenTech is specialized in providing customers with technical services such as registration/registration tests, R&D tests and inspections for pesticides and chemicals.

The physical and chemical laboratory has famous laboratory facilities, including more than 100 sets of instruments such as nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, liquid chromatography instrument, gas chromatography/mass spectrometer, and preparative chromatography. It provides technical services for R&D, registration, production, and trade, including five batches of full-component analysis, physical and chemical properties determination, product quality testing and storage stability testing, method development and verification, testing and consulting, etc. of pesticides or chemicals. The full analysis and physical and chemical testing GLP report issued by the laboratory has been approved by China, the United States, Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, and other countries; the CNAS report issued by GreenTech is approved by more than 50 countries worldwide.

The bio-testing and efficacy laboratory has research directions such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, and provides services for enterprise registration, creation and screening, and product application technology R&D. The laboratory has more than 500 square meters of laboratories, 6 greenhouses, multiple field test bases, as well as spray towers, sprayers, temperature and humidity recorders, wind speed and direction meters, artificial climate chambers, biological incubators and other instruments, which could reach the requirements for indoor bio-tests and field efficacy trials. It mainly conducts screening and evaluation of new compound activity, indoor activity measurement, indoor safety test and evaluation, formulation screening and evaluation, and R&D field efficacy test, registration-type effect test, and resistance risk assessment.