Brand Sales

The branded formulation sales is one of the core businesses in CAC.


It undertakes the sweat and achievements, honors and dreams of several generations of CAC people.


Paraquat, glyphosate and chlorothalonil are the three core products of company. We sincerely serve customs with the high quality product, advanced technology and standardized marketing operation to help promote their value. We are going to contribute a benchmark of times through creating the multiple-wins for enterprises, customers and farmers. Today CAC brand is deeply searing in the hearts of millions farmers and customers!


With the industry change and development, CAC embraces the global opportunities positively to face the challenge with scientific strategical layout, technical innovation and product development. CAC branded product has accessed to re-positioning times in future. CAC branded product is oriented with the market, prioritized with technology and pursues for creating the social value. We deeply explore the core technical and seize the market opportunities to develop high quality product. Currently, our operation strategy is to comprehensively participate in sterilant herbicide products competition, focus on promoting the formulation development of three core technical material, seize the formulation opportunity in the future and strive for creating the progressive channel force with sustainable development. We take to develop a high quality operation team as our important mission.


The vision of CAC branded product in the future is to base on the Chinese market, be capable of continues obtaining the formulation product progress in global; taking the crop as the main line, incubating the crop protection opportunity with independent new compound and developing the great market demand during globalization. We are going to rely on the scientific global product line and expand international influence as scientific crop brand.