Customized Business

1. Customized processing positioning: Customized-processing business is the foundation for the company's continued growth


Since its inception, the company has been providing customized processing services to multinational companies. In the past 20 years of cooperation with multinational companies, the company adheres to the customer-first service concept, strives to improve R&D and manufacturing capabilities, perfects the customized processing process, and establishes the core competitiveness of the customized business. At present, the customized business has become the core part of the company's overall business.

2. Customized processing concept: to provide strategic customers with more stable, more reliable, safer and lower cost product supply solutions

3. Core competitiveness of customized processing:

a) R&D capabilities and technological innovation

Innovative R&D is the source of continuous development of CAC and the core guarantee for the future. In the past 20 years of development, CAC has formed a unique core technology system, a large number of outstanding innovative R&D talents and a sound R&D organization structure;

In line with the development trend of the industry and the environmental protection situation of domestic manufacturing industry, CAC will position the innovation and R&D direction into aspects including environmental protection clean process development, automatic continuous process development, full industrial chain support of series products, and system development of patent expired pesticides. The core technology system represented by ammonia oxidation, chlorination, hydrogenation reduction, fluorination, coupling reaction, and cyclization synthesis has been gradually formed.

b) High standards of manufacturing base to ensure sustainable development

The company's existing four manufacturing bases have established a sound EHS management system. The company conducts EHS evaluation at the initial stage of product development, and establishes a response plan suitable for safe production. In the process of device design, HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) analysis is carried out several times to ensure the intrinsic safety of the process; Prior to production, conduct an assessment of occupational safety management for employee protection, ensure site safety and equip with appropriate personal protective equipment.

The company has set up a “three wastes” management team. The “three wastes” treatment is also involved in the initial stage of product development to ensure that it forms technical solutions during the development process, reducing pollution generation and ensuring compliance production. The company and its subsidiaries have formed a networked management platform to optimize the allocation and operation of resources, ensure the smooth operation of various management measures and strategic deployment, and contribute to the formation of standardized management systems.

At the same time, the company has built a multi-functional pilot plant to ensure the smooth progress of the industrialization of products from small trials to production. Since 2008, DCS (Distributed Control System) has been used. At present, most of the devices have been automatically managed and operated. In recent years, several sets of continuous production processes of 1,000 tons and 10,000 tons have been independently developed, and the level of large-scale devices has been continuously improved.

c) Professional and stable custom team

Based on years of cooperation with multinational companies, the company has formed a complete and stable professional team that can successfully undertake and transform customized cooperation projects. The team consists of business lines, R&D lines, production lines, financial lines, and intellectual property experts. After years of actual practice, it can carry out from the communication and negotiation of custom projects, to the smooth cooperation and successful handover with strategic customers during the project development and construction process.

d) Good reputation

Most of the strategic customers who have had customized cooperation with the company have more than 10 years of cooperation. In each cooperation, the company utilizes its own R&D and manufacturing advantages to create tremendous value for customers in the market, and to maximize the benefits of customers. Through more than 20 years of continuous practice, CAC has earned a good reputation in the international market by using its outstanding strength and professional service awareness.

4. Customers for many years of successful cooperation

The company has worked with customized business customers all over the world, including multinational R&D companies Syngenta, Monsanto, Dow, Honeywell, etc., as well as generic pesticide companies Nufarm, FMC, and overseas customers focusing on specific regional markets.